Meet Dimitra, Our Consultant.
Hi, I am Dimitra!

How did my trip to Cambridge Weight Plan begin…???

Firstly, the answer is through my husband. He is a lover of food and due to over consumption he ended up being obese and had to lose 25kg for his personal health. So, we took on the challenge together and, in fact, we were really successful – he was determined and followed all the advice of his Consultant. The constant tiredness, excessive snoring at night and large clothes sizes are a thing of the past. His life has changed radically!!!

After seeing the spectacular results, I urged my mother to follow the Diet. She needed to lose weight immediately because she had a serious problem with osteoarthritis which affected her left knee, resulting in the need for surgery. However, because of her age, her doctors forbade it. So, by following the 1ꓽ1 Diet instead, she lost 15kg and now she walks normally, the pain has decreased and the problem – although it still exists – does not make her daily life so difficult.

That’s why I challenge you to think about and then set your own personal goals, to believe in yourself and say “I can”!!! I am here and I will be by your side in whatever you need in our journey to your personal success!!! 

Together we can succeed!!!


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