Meet Maria, Our Consultant.
Hi, I am Maria!

My husband and I went on a lot of diets in our lives and we never got the results we wanted. One day we heard about the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and made an immediate appointment. From the very first moment, our Consultant made us feel confident that, for the first time in our lives, we were about to do something worthwhile.

The results from the very first week were amazing and we did not feel exhausted or fatigued at any point. The initial feeling of hunger was minimal and only lasted for the first few days but then subsided. In about 2 months, my husband lost 20kg and I lost 15kg, but then I had to stop trying because I had a pleasant surprise…I got pregnant! Now, after having given birth, I know that I will lose the pregnancy weight easily, quickly and safely.

I am also now able to understand other people who need to lose weight, either for health or aesthetic reasons, and that is why I became a member of the 1:1 Diet by family.

I am waiting for you to start our journey together towards the healthy and beautiful body that you have always dreamed of.




Monday-Wednesday: 9:00-19:30

Friday & Saturday: 9:00-19:30

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