Meet Demetris , Our Consultant.
Привет, я Димитрис!
Gold Consultant

My name is Demetris Photiou and my relationship with The 1:1 Diet began in December 2020, when I went on The 1:1 Diet as a client. Having seen myself reach 150kg, in addition to health issues – such as blood pressure and heart diseases – I was also suffering from a psychological trauma. Phrases like, “What size of bra do you wear?” and “You have bigger breasts than a woman”, which I will never forget, still ring in my ears.

However, these experiences were the triggering events for me to begin this wonderful journey of transformation with my Consultant, to whom I am grateful. Having reached my goal and gotten rid of 62kg, I took part in the Company’s “Slimmer of the Year” competition, in May 2022, which I won! But that was just the start! In September 2022, I represented Cyprus in the “International Slimmer of the Year” competition in the United Kingdom, where I was also declared the big winner!

After this amazing journey of success, there was only one place to go next, that is to become a Consultant of The 1:1 Diet and set my own example to inspire and help people out there, who are in the position I was not long ago. Come with me and prove that when you have enough willpower, anything is possible for everyone. Just like I did, you too can transform into the best version of yourself.

So come on, I’m waiting for you!

As the late Nikos Kazantzakis once said, “Life is not a rehearsal but a premiere”. Willpower, trust and love for yourself are all you need to lead you on the best journey of your life. And guess what…the only winner will be you!


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