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Всем привет, меня зовут Нина!
Gold Consultant

Хотите узнать, почему я стал консультантом? Чтобы помочь людям изменить свою жизнь, как это сделал я. Я боролась с жизнью, страдала лишним весом, нездоровой и демотивировала что-либо с этим делать. Но все изменилось, когда я встретил своего консультанта 1: 1. Она помогала мне похудеть на 10 кг за короткое время - без нее я бы не справился.

Вот что делает эту диету такой уникальной: поддержка 1:1. С тех пор я успешно поддерживаю свой вес и теперь ем меньшими порциями, регулярно занимаюсь спортом и в целом больше забочусь о себе. 

Итак, это был мой путь, и теперь я готов помочь вам в вашем. Если вы готовы, я уверен, что смогу помочь вам достичь желаемого веса, а затем стабилизировать и поддерживать его. В конце концов, это изменение образа жизни, и с удивительным ассортиментом предлагаемой продукции вам никогда не будет скучно. Даже не будет ощущения, что вы сидите на диете. ПЛЮС, вы получите своего собственного болельщика… МЕНЯ! 

Я сделал это, и ВЫ ТАКЖЕ МОЖЕТЕ! Мы вместе ... чего вы ждете ?! Свяжитесь с нами, и приступим.



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Понедельник - воскресенье: 9:00 - 20:00

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"Excellent skills to motivate me and plenty of tips and advice. Also knowing that I could contact her at anytime was a bonus."
Alison Maynard
"She instantly makes you feel at ease. Allows you to talk freely."
Ann Heaton
"Nina is a fantastic consultant - she strikes the perfect balance between being unconditionally supportive, with you every step of the way"
"Nina is well motivated and passionate about the 1:1 diet. She is very knowledgeable on all the products and gives encouragement and praise when needed."
"Nina is totally supportive and encouraging. She is easy to talk to and always listens."
Joy Harris
"Although I’ve only been on the diet for 5 weeks, Nina has provided me with so much knowledge, advice and guidance since starting. I know the choices that I need to make in order for the plan to be successful, and from this I have already seen amazing results. She is on hand if I need her for questions or a morale boost. Thank you for your honesty and faith in what I could achieve, for keeping it real with me and helping me to feel better than I have in a long time."
Sarah Rathbone
" I love her, she’s understanding and amazing! I love her positivity and mood. Keep it this way, you’re great!"
" Nina listens to what you specifically need and sorts a plan out accordingly. She's there for support when you need her and checks in to give you that gentle push when you need it. Never pushed or upselled you to buy tons of products, cared about clients and what you thought. Always feel comfortable. Keep doing what you are doing! You are fab at what you do!!"
Yvette Halifax
" Since the first day I contacted Nina, she has been so supportive, offering advice and suggestions when I experienced low days and also congratulating me on my good days. She can always see the positive side to all situations. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first contacted Nina, but she explained the whole process and made it sound so straightforward, I decided to start my journey and 6 months later I am still happy I decided to contact Nina. Nina is always there whenever you need a friendly chat or encouragement. I would just like to say thank you for everything, supporting me on my ongoing journey."
Jane Hewitt
" Nina is absolutely brilliant at getting your mind refocused on your goals and monthly targets and is never disappointed in you if you’ve wondered off track... Just smiles and says it’s okay, we can get back on track. Thank you for bearing me with during the last few months which have been complete chaos and thank you for getting me closer and closer to my final target!"
Helen Davies