Xanthi Theodorou

Imagine feeling as if you have just achieved the impossible… That’s exactly what led me to become a The 1: 1 Diet Consultant. Since childhood, I have struggled with my weight and battled through various diets; The 1:1 Diet is the ONLY diet that I have managed to follow through. It is the sole reason …

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Tracy Holdgate

Why did I want to be a Consultant? I wanted other people to feel the euphoria I did when I dropped 27kg and became happy and healthy in my own body and mind after 25 years of being overweight. I had tried every other diet and eating plan out there, but it took a lot …

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Stelios Georgiou

I am a music teacher (tenor/opera), having studied for a Masters degree in Singing and Performance – at present I am working towards my PhD. Because my profession has to do with the stage and the audience, I understand that the importance of demeanour and appearance. Furthermore, in my postgraduate degree I studied courses in …

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Skevi Charalambous

In 2013 after two pregnancies, my weight went well beyond normal. With a Body Mass Index of 32, I took the decision to lose weight to regain my lost self-confidence, my health, and my interest in social life. Despite my many and failed attempts to lose weight through diets, pills and dietary supplements, my mind …

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Soulla Evangelou

My name is Soula Evangelou and I have been a consultant since 2019. I decided to become a Consultant after earning the title of Cyprus’ Slimmer of the Year 2018 by losing 40 kilos. I won a wonderful trip to England and represented Cyprus at the International Slimmer of the Year competition in 2018. After …

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Natalia Savchenko

The reason I became a Consultant is because as a nutritionist, I was looking for an effective and scientifically proven way to help my clients lose weight and the Plan does just that. I believe I can help you lose weight because I have a lot of experience in the fields of weight loss, nutrition, …

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Marina Voskou

With the help of Cambridge Weight Plan, I lost 34kg and am still the same weight today. I used to have health problems like cholesterol, triglycerides and was predisposed to diabetes. After the end of the program I was able to stop taking medication. I like working as a Consultant because I help others lose …

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Andri Prodromou

I decided to become a Cambridge Consultant when I witnessed first hand the spectacular results when I followed the Plan. I had to get rid of those 10kg I gained when I gave birth to my first child and Cambridge Weight Plan proved to be the only successful and healthy way to do it. I …

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Andreas Voskou

Меня зовут Андреас Воскоу, и главная причина, побудившая меня присоединиться к команде консультантов Кембриджской системы похудения — это то, что практически вся моя семья на себе испытала эту диету. Я всегда был скептиком и просто думал, что не всем же дано быть стройными. Однако, меня убедили попробовать и… я похудел на 30 кг, черт возьми! Теперь я верю, что могу помочь любому человеку вернуться в отличную форму и быть по-настоящему здоровым и счастливым.