Georgios Ioannides

During the last year I started noticing some alarming changes to my body and my health. Friends and family began commenting that my appearance had started to change due to my weight. More importantly, I couldn’t enjoy various activities such as my afternoon walks or swimming during the summer. I would get tired easily and I noticed that every week was worse, forcing me to cut down on activities I enjoyed. I gained even more weight as a result.

My wake-up call came after visiting my doctor. He asked me to get some general blood tests done, and after seeing the results he told me that if I didn’t lose weight I would have to take medication to help my heart function properly.

I did my research online, asked colleagues their opinion on how I should best lose weight. I looked up different methods on the internet and decided that CambridgeWeight Plan seemed the best choice for me. I called my local Consultant, Andri Prodromou, who explained in detail how we would proceed and we began my weight loss journey.

After shedding 25 kilos, I have now completed all the steps of stabilization and maintenance as instructed by my Consultant and my life has changed so much. My eating habits have improved immensely, I feel lighter and definitely healthier. I can now take my afternoon walks, go swimming, go shopping and now I have no health problems to worry about. Thank you Cambridge Weight Plan!