Cost comparison

So, how much does The 1:1 Diet cost?

On average, you’ll only pay around €3.25 for a meal. Programs start from €45.50 per week (2 products a day) and remember your weekly one-to-one consultation is free.

If you already buy a fancy coffee from a cafe for around €3.75, instead you can purchase our delicious The 1:1 Diet Cappuccino Shake, it’s so much better for you and tastes amazing! 

Also, how many times do you treat yourself to eating out at a restaurant or cafe each month? On average it tends to be around €75, that’s over a week on Plan (and a lot less temptation!) 

The 1:1 Diet Plan is cheaper and a whole lot better for you than bad food choices. The products are super easy to grab and go (you don’t need to be a expert in the kitchen!) and you’ll get your very own supporter to support you every step of the way too!

Choose your personal diet Consultant for a big slice of support while you lose that weight