Irene Nicolaou

During my teen years I can remember always being on a diet. I would lose some weight but then put it back on. In 2016, I lost my father very suddenly and began to suffer from depression. During this difficult time, I weighed 95kg. Νot even when I was pregnant did I ever weigh that much. I felt that I was depriving my children and especially my youngest son, of outings on the weekends as I was ashamed to go out.

Thankfully, I got a wake-up call and decided to book an appointment to visit my closest Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, Eleonora. She was by my side from day one, consulting me and supporting me, and we succeeded! I have lost 35kg and I feel like I have been reborn. Aside from losing weight, I also gained a very good friend. Eleonora was my greatest supporter throughout this weight loss journey.

My life has completely changed now. My self-confidence has increased immensely and I feel amazing. I LOVE ME. My new self is also the main reason I dared to take the next step with my professional life which I feel great about. My weight problem used to make me feel so insecure and held me back from progressing with my job. After getting rid of all that excess baggage, I can now enjoy walks and playing with my youngest son and shopping for hours with my 20-year old daughter!

I feel amazing that I can now buy fashionable clothes from any shop and not only from plus-sized stores. Now that I have rediscovered my new self I try to inspire other people to follow the Cambridge Weight Plan so that they can also discover a better version of themselves. With determination, everything is possible.