Katerina Vasiliou

I am 24 years old and since I was young, I have had an obesity problem. I had tried lots of different ways to lose weight without the desired results.

I did not have a menstrual cycle which, at 22, my gynaecologist said was very dangerous, I had tachycardia and heart arrhythmia, which I needed to take medication for. I also had insulin resistance, issues with my thyroid and other problems that prescribed medications failed to help me with. I could not take 10 steps without stopping to take a breath. I failed multiple times to lose weight with dieticians – they didn’t support me and were often cruel and judgemental, which resulted in me having zero self-confidence, so I began to feel depressed, not wanting to go anywhere. I was very ashamed of my appearance; I was living a nightmare every day.

Going shopping was also another huge issue. The shop assistants would treat me horribly and were often insulting, laughing behind my back. Even my family didn’t help – they expressed their worries about my weight in the wrong way, pushing me over the edge, making me feel more and more depressed as a result. My social exclusion was a big reality check for me and that’s when I decided to turn to a doctor. However, the doctor was not very nice and told me that if I did not do something about my weight, I could die an early death. Dead at 22? I hadn’t even lived yet. I had to make a decision. Lose weight and live or keep living as I was and die.

That’s when I came upon the successes Cambridge Weight Plan had and I booked an appointment with my Consultant Koulla Koureas. I have now lost 91 kilos and my life has changed dramatically! For the first time ever I have a regular menstrual cycle! Insulin resistance is a thing of the past, my thyroid is regulated and I do not have arrhythmia or tachycardia anymore. I work out 5 times a week and I now buy clothes and dress the way I like, without people judging me. I go out for coffee or out with friends at night like everyone at my age does. I now feel like I am acceptable to society and that people notice me in a good way. I am alive, and for the first time, I love my life. I have found a new Katerina, and I love her very much!