Maria Constantinou

I am 42 years old and currently unemployed, so I needed the help of my family to be able to do the Cambridge Weight Plan. They could see how low I was feeling about myself – I had shut myself off from the outside world and I had piled on the weight, so they offered to help me so that I could feel better about myself.

I had put on a lot of weight because of my financial situation and when I did a blood test, my glucose levels were really high. This really frightened me because I was worried it would turn into diabetes. My doctor started me on Metformin and I decided to book an appointment with Avgi, who was a Consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan. I was told that losing weight with Cambridge would help regulate my glucose levels.

With the constant support of my wonderful Consultant, I have lost 29kg and I feel fantastic. I have stopped the medication and I have joined the gym. I walk regularly and I am now more energetic. I am on stabilisation (Step 6) and I am learning to eat properly. I plan to keep visiting Avgi regularly so that I don’t fall back into bad habits. I love the way I look and feel, and with the support of my Consultant I will work hard to maintain my weight.