“I would point out several important reasons why The 1:1 Diet is superior to these new weight-loss drugs. Firstly, weight loss is over twice as fast with The 1:1 Diet – eight weeks to lose an average of 1 ½ stone versus 20 weeks for Wegovy1,2. Secondly, The 1:1 Diet is specifically formulated to provide all the nutrients you need, despite low calorie intake. These drugs, usually used by people who are already deficient in one or more nutrients, cause you to eat very few calories, making it difficult to get adequate nutrition. Thirdly, (and likely because of inadequate nutrition) almost 40% of weight loss on Wegovy is lean tissue (not fat loss), so they cause a substantially lower percent fat loss than our diet3,4. Finally, two thirds of weight loss is regained within a year of stopping these drugs, whereas a four-year study of The 1:1 Diet showed 100% of weight loss can be maintained2,5.”


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