Popi Shiakalli

Pregnancies, cortisone medication for chronic asthmatic bronchitis and insulin resistance on the one hand, an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle on the other … This is how I ended up with a significant weight gain and consequently in a constant struggle to lose the extra kilos … I tried everything, unfortunately without any real […]

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Kyriaki Kadi

My first encounter with The 1:1 Diet was in 2018 as an overweight young adult. After countless failed attempts to lose my extra weight with other diets and programs, and after seeing people in my circle see positive results from The 1:1 Diet, I decided to start my weight loss journey. Within 7 months, I

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Danae Elena Yiakoumi

After many struggles and efforts with weight loss, I finally found The 1: 1 Diet. I went through difficult phases with being overweight, with bulimic impulses after following many diets to no avail. I felt uncomfortable with myself, and therefore lacked self-confidence and instead drowned in low self-esteem. But The 1: 1 Diet changed my

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Karen Rose

Having been a yo-yo dieter all my life, I was on the verge of giving up and accepting that I would never be able to maintain my weight loss. Then I discovered the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and met with my Consultant, Leigh, and I realised that I had finally found a diet

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Yiota Michael

After my pregnancies, I gained extra weight which I struggled for several years to lose with different diet programs, without very good results. I had lost my self-confidence and with it I lost the small moments of pleasure with my children. After the quarantine, my husband and I decided to follow the 1: 1 Diet

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Niki Xenofontos

My name is Niki Xenofontos and I am from beautiful Paphos !!! I am not someone carrying a lot of extra weight, but like any woman who wants to feel comfortable in her clothes, I wanted to lose the 3-4 extra kilos that I had gained due to the recent events with the  Covid quarantine.

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Angela Kotsapa

Hi, my name is Angela! My journey with Τhe 1:1 Diet started just after the last lockdown. At my lowest I had gained so much weight that my clothes didn’t fit, and my confidence hit rock bottom. I knew that I had to make a change for my own good. I found my saviour in

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