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Hi, I am Skevi!
Platinum Consultant

My name is Skevi Siali and I am a consultant of the Cambridge Weight Plan program in the area of Geri.

The reason that pushed me to become a counselor is to be able to transfer my personal experience in my effort to lose the difficult pounds of pregnancy and regain my self-confidence, thus raising my psychology.

I firmly believe that the program can help many people lose excess weight and thus improve their health and then their appearance.

The Cambridge Weight Plan program is a safe diet to get rid of extra pounds easily – the wide variety of drinks / ready meals and bars can satisfy all tastes and offer the feeling of satiety to lead the person to achieve it. its target.

I would like to assure you that I have the knowledge, the will and the personal experience to guide you to the CORRECT, FAST and SAFE weight loss.




Monday-Saturday : By Appointment

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