Tasos Armostis

From a very young age I struggled with my weight. In 2022 I weighed 166 kg and suffered from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Then, when I visited my doctor, he told me that I was literally “one step away from death”. The news really shook me, so I decided to visit my […]

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Chrystalla Korfioti

My decision to become a consultant of The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan stems from my passion to help individuals to discover their ideal selves. While the products of The 1:1 Diet are the key to a healthy weight loss, for me, the real secret lies in the relationship the consultants build with their

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Elena Peppou

My first experience with The 1:1 Diet was through a relative of mine whom I watched lose 50 kilos and stop the medication he was taking for ulcers, pressure and sugar. After my first pregnancy I gained 20 kilos and unfortunately, I felt I was not myself anymore. Following my uncle’s example, I turned to

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Popi Shiakalli

Pregnancies, cortisone medication for chronic asthmatic bronchitis and insulin resistance on the one hand, an unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle on the other … This is how I ended up with a significant weight gain and consequently in a constant struggle to lose the extra kilos … I tried everything, unfortunately without any real

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Demetris Photiou

My name is Demetris Photiou and my relationship with The 1:1 Diet began in December 2020, when I went on The 1:1 Diet as a client. Having seen myself reach 150kg, in addition to health issues – such as blood pressure and heart diseases – I was also suffering from a psychological trauma. Phrases like,

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Elena Shiali

I have known about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan for many years. My first contact and experience with the program was through the eyes of two of my dearest loved ones, my mother, and my aunt. They had both decided in 2010 to follow The 1:1 Diet program, to get rid of excess

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Eleni & Platon

His entire life, he was on a diet.  Her life was that of healthy eating and exercise. He put on weight very easily. She had been stable for years. Married and determined to come to a weight balance between them. Then Platon began the The 1:1 Diet, and finally lost the pounds that were weighing

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Danae Elena Yiakoumi

After many struggles and efforts with weight loss, I finally found The 1: 1 Diet. I went through difficult phases with being overweight, with bulimic impulses after following many diets to no avail. I felt uncomfortable with myself, and therefore lacked self-confidence and instead drowned in low self-esteem. But The 1: 1 Diet changed my

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Yiota Michael

After my pregnancies, I gained extra weight which I struggled for several years to lose with different diet programs, without very good results. I had lost my self-confidence and with it I lost the small moments of pleasure with my children. After the quarantine, my husband and I decided to follow the 1: 1 Diet

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