Meet Tasos, Our Consultant.
Hi, I am Tasos!

From a very young age I struggled with my weight. In 2022 I weighed 166 kg and suffered from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Then, when I visited my doctor, he told me that I was literally “one step away from death”. The news really shook me, so I decided to visit my Consultant Konstantinos Constantinou. With his support and guidance, I lost a whopping 70 kilos! In February 2023, I participated in the annual “Slimmer of The Year” contest, organized by The 1:1 Diet, where people’s votes declared me the winner in the “People’s Choice Award” category.

I have been maintaining my weight for several months now, as through The 1:1 Diet’s balanced program, I became nutritionally conscious. Now I am free of diabetes and high blood pressure, and I am experiencing a totally new life.

I am now part of the wonderful family of The 1:1 Diet as a Consultant. I am ready to help anyone who needs to lose weight, improve their health, and gain their self-confidence.

I can understand how you feel and how you think, because I went through the same ordeal. It’s okay to fall, but getting back up is essential! With me you will learn not to give up and not to settle for anything less than absolute success.




Monday -Friday: 15:30-19:30

Saturday: 09:30-13:00

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