Eleni & Platon

His entire life, he was on a diet.  Her life was that of healthy eating and exercise. He put on weight very easily. She had been stable for years. Married and determined to come to a weight balance between them. Then Platon began the The 1:1 Diet, and finally lost the pounds that were weighing […]

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Xanthi Theodorou

Imagine feeling as if you have just achieved the impossible… That’s exactly what led me to become a The 1: 1 Diet Consultant. Since childhood, I have struggled with my weight and battled through various diets; The 1:1 Diet is the ONLY diet that I have managed to follow through. It is the sole reason

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Tracy Holdgate

Why did I want to be a Consultant? I wanted other people to feel the euphoria I did when I dropped 27kg and became happy and healthy in my own body and mind after 25 years of being overweight. I had tried every other diet and eating plan out there, but it took a lot

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Andri Stylianou

My journey with The 1: 1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan started 6 years ago when I gained weight as a result of my hypothyroidism. I made several attempts to lose weight with different diets but the results were never satisfactory. Then I heard about The 1: 1 Diet and decided to try it, managing

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Eva Kota

My story starts from my childhood. I remember trying to lose weight being very difficult for me as I had tried many times with no effect. As I grew up I tried different diets but again without any result. After a lot of time wasted during which I experienced a lot of mental and physical

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Natalia Savchenko

The reason I became a Consultant is because as a nutritionist, I was looking for an effective and scientifically proven way to help my clients lose weight and the Plan does just that. I believe I can help you lose weight because I have a lot of experience in the fields of weight loss, nutrition,

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