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Hi, I am Tracy!
Silver Consultant

Why did I want to be a Consultant? I wanted other people to feel the euphoria I did when I dropped 27kg and became happy and healthy in my own body and mind after 25 years of being overweight.

I had tried every other diet and eating plan out there, but it took a lot of time and effort to plan, prepare and cook the right meals for foods allowed, and I struggled with portion control and the temptation of adding little extras that I didn’t think would make a difference, but they did. Yes, I would lose some of the weight slowly, only to put it straight back on when I stopped, so the concept of nutritional meal replacement through the various steps available on the Cambridge Weight Plan made it so much easier to control, and it also has a fantastic stabilization and maintenance programme which becomes a normal way of living and eating.

The biggest benefit I can give to you as your 1:1 Consultant is empathy and understanding. I had gained weight over the years not only due to a love of food and overindulging, but also various external factors which facilitate this, such as a major health issue, comfort, and emotional eating, and having a baby. Now I’m battling the menopause and the weight gain that this hormonal change can bring… but I’m getting there! So I totally understand that weight gain can be caused by many issues as I’ve experienced them. I’m here to be with you every step of the way to overcome these challenges, be that listening ear, confidence and your biggest motivator and supporter…. along with offering great nutritional and health advise, and backed by a fantastic range of fully nutritionally balanced products that make losing weight easier and faster.

If I can do this, then so can you, so come and see me for a free consultation and let me be your best diet buddy and help you reach your dreams and goals, so you can feel the euphoria too.




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