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Hi, I am Anna!
Gold Consultant

My story has nothing to do with being overweight or having health issues. Only a few extra kilos managed to create obsessions with my body and insecurities with my image. I was the hardest judge of myself  I and I wanted to look perfect. And that caused me anxiety, anger, hunger – a lot of hunger and long outbursts in the gym to reach the supposedly perfect result.

I tried many diets and I did not find one that suited me until I met the 1: 1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan which put me on the right track. Now I enjoy my life with all the products of the 1: 1 Diet and especially my favorite chocolate bars. I never imagined that eating bars would have the desired result.
As a Consultant on the 1: 1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan I have one thing to tell you:
The ideal body does not want effort but a way, will and determination to become a reality!

I feel grateful because through my personal experience I gained knowledge and at the same time I appreciated values of life. I have learned to know with all confidence the power that everyone hides inside, I understand your worries and concerns, I feel the psychological support you need in the huge effort to achieve your goals, but most of all I want to offer you my honest guidance . Are you ready to walk together until the end? Do you want to see your body transform and your psychology improve? Visualize your ideal image, set a goal and conquer it. This is the secret of success and believe me it works well!

The victory is yours and you deserve it. My reward is your smile of success.
I am very happy and proud of your decision … Good start!


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