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Hi, I am Elena!
Platinum Consultant

I have known about The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan for many years. My first contact and experience with the program was through the eyes of two of my dearest loved ones, my mother, and my aunt.

They had both decided in 2010 to follow The 1:1 Diet program, to get rid of excess weight and manage to improve their health, all in time to make a fantastic appearance at my sister’s wedding.

Their astonishing results in just a few weeks made me follow the program, even though I didn’t have an issue with excess weight. The results were incredible!!!!

In conclusion, The 1:1 Diet program tremendously helps people with excess weight, and also people with a few extra pounds which can be persistent.

Throughout the years I have managed to maintain my weight and, in the phases when I slip, I know I have a powerful ally that within a few days can get me back on track.

As The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, I am delighted to see the smile on your face the moment you confront the scales! I look forward to you telling me you’ve changed your clothing size and feel deeply proud when you reduce your medication.

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