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Hi, I am Lisa!
Diamond Elite Consultant

My name is Lisa Karatzia, and I have been a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant since 2007.

In 2007, I decided that my weight was spiralling out of control and climbing day by day due to me having insulin resistance, something that did not help the situation. I had 4 children and it was a common excuse but in reality it was not right. So, when I came across the Cambridge Weight Plan in Cyprus, I decided to give it a go.

I had managed to lose 15 kilos and the benefits were starting to show. Four months after starting the diet I was down 4 sizes (from 22 to 14) and 25 kilos lighter. I had reached my target weight! Cambridge has changed my life and is a permanent part of it now!

After using Cambridge products for my sugar levels are normal, I no longer have the insulin resistance and I have cholesterol and triglycerides of a teenager, I’m also a regular blood donor! If my story has inspired you then please share my personal story with your friends or loved ones who may be in a similar position. Being overweight or obese is bad for our health, as the fat that surrounds our vital organs and can cause us so many health problems as we grow older.

Personally, I know that if I had not lost 25 kilos so many years ago, today I would have Type II Diabetes like my father! Over the years, as a Consultant, I’ve seen many miracles happening, people who could not get pregnant, with diabetes, and hypertension no longer needing medication. My job as a Consultant is not a ‘job’ but my purpose in life.


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