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Hi, I am Olga!
Diamond Elite Consultant

What motivates me being a Consultant is the opportunity to help and support people to transform their bodies and become their ideal self. The products are the key to losing unnecessary weight, but the secret of our success is the relationship that our client develops with their Consultant.

So far, I have witnessed “miracles” by the people who have chosen me as their Consultant. I have learned and can now say with certainty that the ideal body is not just a dream but it can become a reality, all you have to do is to want it!

My relationship with my clients is not just customer-based but relies on trust, understanding and psychological support. My philosophy revolves around people, since each of you are unique. Based on your uniqueness and diversity, I listen to your needs and concerns and together we set our goals! My guidance and support, coupled with your own determination and will, lead to the desired result, to your ideal self.


English, Greek


Monday-Friday: By appointment only

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"Olga is more than just a fabulous Consultant. She understands your needs, explains everything well, treats you like a friend and keeps your moral so that you keep going!"
"My sweet consultant Olga!!! She was my inspiration during this journey. Her guidance and her constant communication helped me to reach my target!"
Despina Vasiliadou
"A true friend to support me all the way, be honest and keep me on the right path. A mentor who taught me how to change my mindset."
"She is very kind, caring, helpful and most importantly very experienced. What makes her outstanding is the fact that she really cares for you!!!"
"Perfect communication. Without a doubt the best, she was there for me whenever I needed her. I never had unanswered questions."
Eleni Hadjimichael
"My Consultant Olga Assiotou has been a great help for me to proceed with the 1:1 Diet, and she’s always polite, helpful and inspiring. I am very grateful to Olga for my well-being. "
Photini Georgiadou