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Hi, I am Skevi!
Gold Consultant

In 2013 after two pregnancies, my weight went well beyond normal. With a Body Mass Index of 32, I took the decision to lose weight to regain my lost self-confidence, my health, and my interest in social life. Despite my many and failed attempts to lose weight through diets, pills and dietary supplements, my mind was still set on going back to my normal weight.

At some point, I learned about Cambridge Weight Plan and went for it. The immediate results I had from the first month (8.5 kg) made me want to continue. It was up to me now. My body responded well, as fatigue and severe knee and waist pains decreased significantly. Within 5 months I lost 27kg.

During my third pregnancy in 2016, even though I did put on weight, I knew that Cambridge Weight Plan would be there to help me. Yet again, it did not disappoint me, but reaffirmed its efficiency. Right there and then, I decided to become a Consultant.

Through my personal experience of losing weight, I know all the steps, the difficulties and the effectiveness of this program very well. I am in a position to support and encourage, offering the right guidance to all those who want to make their dream possible, to gain their lost self-confidence, their health and their interest in social life.




Monday-Friday: 8:00-19:00

Saturday: 9:00-14:00

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