Meet Stelios, Our Consultant.
Hi, I am Stelios!
Bronze Consultant

I am a music teacher (tenor/opera), having studied for a Masters degree in Singing and Performance – at present I am working towards my PhD.

Because my profession has to do with the stage and the audience, I understand that the importance of demeanour and appearance. Furthermore, in my postgraduate degree I studied courses in anatomy, particularly the hygiene of the voice and our body in general. Thus, I know a lot of information about anatomy and healthy eating where it helps in metabolism but also in the energy of our body.

In late 2018, my weight had reached 107kg. After some encouragement I started doing The 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. Within a very short time, I had lost 27kg. After these positive results and my experience with the weight loss process with the various plans of The 1:1 Diet, I saw that it is the most reliable solution.

I consider that a big factor in the matter of weight loss is psychology. Because of my experience, but also my own experiential journey, I can offer support to people who are interested in losing those extra kilos. Knowing the setbacks that one can have during this process, it is very important to build both the trust and the support, help, understanding etc.

All of this combined with The 1:1 Diet will create miracles – you won’t believe your eyes.


English, Greek


Monday-Friday: 8:30- 14:00 & 15:00-20:00

Saturday: 9:00 -14:00 & 15:00- 18:00

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