Meet Mima, our consultant.

Hi, I am Mima!

My name is Mima Douglas and I have been working as a Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant since 2011.

The reason I became a Cambridge Consultant is that I have suffered from type 1 diabetes for 25 years. As you know, many diabetic women like myself, in a period of my life, gain too much weight, so losing self-confidence and feeling bad. I tried everything from exhausting diets and exercise until I got to the extremes and I decided I would stay the same weight forever.

When I saw other women lose weight with the Cambridge Weight Plan and even women that I knew for years to be overweight, I decided that I wanted to try for the last time. Because of my health problem, I did blood tests very often and my results have been astonishing even to this day – 6 years later. My excitement and joy were so great that I felt like sharing it with other people – especially with people who want to believe in wonders!

I think I can help you lose weight, because there is simply no reason or excuse to not do it! The solution is confident and easy, it’s effective to work together and reach our goal! We all have our own problems and particular reasons that make it hard for us to lose weight, but we must always believe that there is a solution to everything and we must not stop trying for the sake of our health and the improvement of ourselves! 


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