Breakfast Hacks – Mix It Up With The 1:1 Diet

Breakfast Hacks – Mix It Up With The 1:1 Diet
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First product of the day (all Steps)

What’s your first product of the day? Are you a ‘grab a bar and run’ kind of slimmer? Or do you like to take your time over a bowl of The 1:1 Diet Porridge?

Our favourite ‘start the day The 1:1 Diet way’ products are:

  • Plentiful Porridge – #mixitup by adding some extra spice, a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg can help take your breakfast bowl to a whole new level. Step 3 or above? Add some chopped banana or blueberries from your fruit or breakfast calorie allowance.
  • Fruity Smoothies – they’re rich, thick and fruity, you’ll feel perfectly full until lunch time.
  • Yummy Shakes – prepare them iced coffee style and they’ll totally kick start your day!

Step 3

With 150 calories to play with, here’s a few low calorie diet dishes to get your taste buds tingling:

  • Yoghurt and berries – 100g of fat free Greek yoghurt topped with 5 blackberries, 50g blueberries, 10 raspberries, 50g strawberries, and ½ a passion fruit (Step 4 and 5: why not sprinkle 15g of sugar free muesli on top?). The perfect low carb diet breakfast option.
  • Poached eggs and stir fried spinach bowls – a large handful of spinach, stir-fried over a medium-low heat with a little zero calorie spray-oil and 1 chopped garlic clove. Stir-fry until leaves are dark green, then top with 2 medium poached eggs (perhaps finish with 1 tbsp of yoghurt or crème fraiche from your milk allowance and sprinkle on some chives too) (Step 4 and 5: pile everything onto 1 small slice of wholemeal toast)

Step 4 and 5

With 200 calories you’ll now be eating like a breakfast king or queen! These recipes are The One:

  • Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs – Scramble 2 small eggs with a splash of milk from your daily allowance, serve with 50g of smoked salmon (or swap the smoked salmon for a small slice of wholemeal bread).
  • Breakfast burrito – take 1 wholemeal wrap, then layer up with 1 small egg scrambled with a little of your milk allowance, 25g of cooked canned black eye beans (add a pinch of paprika and chilli powder), homemade salsa (quickly chop up 50g of cherry tomatoes, some fresh chilli and a few snips of spring onions). Top with a small handful of spinach and then roll it all up into a yummy wrap.
  • Banana pancakes – Take 2 small eggs and 1 small banana – mash together, add a few drops of vanilla essence or a pinch of cinnamon, cook in frying pan using a few sprays of zero calorie spray-oil over a medium heat. Add an extra pop of colour and taste with 50g of strawberries on top.

Do you have any other on Plan #breakfastgoals recipes?

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