Constantinos Constantinou

My own story goes back several years where I remember myself struggling to have a normal weight. Due to the circumstances of my life and professional career, I felt that I could not manage the situation with any complex diet plan resulting in failure and frustration. The impact of obesity affected me not only in …

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Anna Spanou

Having witnessed the wonders that Cambridge Weight Plan performs first-hand, it was an easy decision to want to become a Consultant. I have watched my husband get rid of his heavy sleep apnoea – that rendered him in need of a breathing support machine – completely disappear, after he lost 52kg through the Plan. Having …

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Marina Voskou

With the help of Cambridge Weight Plan, I lost 34kg and am still the same weight today. I used to have health problems like cholesterol, triglycerides and was predisposed to diabetes. After the end of the program I was able to stop taking medication. I like working as a Consultant because I help others lose …

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Mima Douglas

My name is Mima Douglas and I have been working as a 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant since 2011. The reason I became a Consultant is that I have suffered from type 1 diabetes since I was 9 years old and I am an ex-cancer patient . As you know, many diabetic women …

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Andreas Voskou

My name is Andreas Voskou and the reason I became a Cambridge Consultant is because all my family members did the diet and so I decided to do it too and I managed to lose 30 kilos! I believe I can help you lose weight, through my personal experience.